Periodontal Health

During your dental exam, Dr. Drew will obtain measurements between your teeth and gums. These will also be compared against x-rays taken that day and your periodontal diagnosis will follow.

There are many forms of periodontal disease (gum disease). One of the more common is gingivitis, which is a localized or generalized inflammation of the gums. This can present with red, puffy, irritated gums that can bleed when brush flossing or even chewing food. A more severe type of periodontal disease can involve the loss of bone around your teeth- this disease is called periodontitis.

Think of your teeth as a house and your gums supporting bone are the foundation. If the foundation has any problems they should be addressed, or the house won’t last. The same holds true with your teeth. Periodontitis most commonly presents as a chronic disease of the gums and supporting structures of your teeth. While the occurrence of moderate and severe generalized chronic periodontitis in the US seems to affect only 5% - 15% of the adult population, slight generalized chronic periodontitis affects roughly 35% of the adult population.¹ If left untreated chronic periodontitis can end in tooth loss. This type of gum disease can require multiple treatments, as well as adjunctive therapies. If these treatments don’t help stabilize the disease assessment and treatment from a periodontal specialist may be required.

Primary Treatment of Periodontitis

  • Scaling and Root Planing (D4341 or D4342) (Deep Cleaning) – If Dr. Drew has diagnosed localized or generalized mild, moderate or severe periodontitis the type of cleaning you will need is called Scaling and Root planing.  This type of cleaning is done under local anesthetic and removes tartar from the root surface of your teeth.  While the name doesn’t sound pretty it’s necessary to stop the progression of this disease and prevent further bone loss around your teeth.
    • A 6 to 8 week follow-up evaluation is required to assess the response of your gum tissue after treatment and determine the next step.
      • If your gingival tissues respond positively it is recommended that you will complete periodontal maintenance procedures every 3 months indefinitely.  Please refer to Periodontal Maintenance (D4910)
      • If your tissues do not respond positively, additional generalized or localized scaling and root planing, and/or adjunctive periodontal therapies are indicated. After a second 6 to 8 week follow-up, if improvement is not significant a referral to a periodontal specialist will be recommended. 
  • Periodontal Maintenance (D4910) – “Follows the completion of active therapy to treat periodontal infection every 3 months for the lifetime of the dentition or implant replacements and includes removal of plaque biofilm and calculus from supra and subgingival surfaces. It is intended to keep periodontal diseases under control; therefore, a patient may move from active therapy to periodontal maintenance and back to active therapy and/or referral during the lifetime of the dentition or implant replacements.”¹

Adjunctive Periodontal Therapies

These therapies are to be performed in addition to another round of scaling and root planing

  • Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy (D4999) – Laser energy selectively targets only darker, necrotic tissue and leaves healthy tissue alone, allowing for better healing and results.
  • Localized Delivery of Antimicrobial Agents via a Controlled Release Vehicle (D4381) – The title is self-explanatory.  A 1mg minocycline microsphere is placed in the periodontal pocket and re-evaluated for success.  Contraindicated in patients with a known allergy to minocycline or tetracycline.


  1.     Sweeting, L. A., Davis, K., & Cobb, C. M. (2008). Periodontal treatment protocol (PTP) for the general dental practice. American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 82(suppl 2), 16-26.


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